Features of classes in the game Revelation Online

Features of classes in the game Revelation Online

In all MMO games, and Revelation is no exception, before starting the game, you need to determine the class of the character, and then you can not do without a guide. This choice can be decisive, because each of them has certain skills and capabilities, easy management, requires its resources for pumping, etc. Our class guide is designed to help you make the right choice. We present you a general description of all categories.

Assasin (ASSASIN)

This is the newest character in the game Revelation. This is a classic ninja hero. Similar are found in almost all MMOs, however in Revelation the Assassin also owns special skills.


Weapon Mage is a sword in one hand and a translucent sphere in the other. The character is considered very dangerous, because he can not only manage the spontaneous racks, but also switch them during the battle. However, he is strong only in long-range combat, because his defense is very weak. Try to keep your magician behind the backs of the allies, and then the probability of victory and effective pharmacy is very high. Another advantage of the Magician – fast pumping.


The Reaper’s power is in a magic staff in his hands. From the 20 level of the character you can change its hypostasis. Depending on it, the hero’s skills also change – he can heal allies or inflict damage on opponents. Up to level 20, the Reaper only has the magic of darkness. Also able to put totems – to curse the enemy or bless the allies.

In the battle one on one often wins the opponents. In battle, it is better to hide it behind the backs of the allies to enable you to change the state of other characters, strengthening allies and weakening the enemy. In general, it is considered one of the most useful classes in Revelation.


If you are a fan of shooters, then this class is for you. Weapon Arrow – pistols, rifle and machine gun. In general, during the game, you shoot almost continuously, changing the type of weapons and bullets to the blades. The shooter is able to climb into the red robot. In the guide, we recommend that you attack, only by calling the robots – this will significantly increase the overall chances of success. It is effective with pistols, but in the rack with the rifle it does more damage (note, in this rack its mobility is considerably reduced, so it is possible to act only because of the Allied backs). With the help of a machine gun can cause great damage to the enemy from a long distance. Lays traps and mines.

It shows itself well both in one-on-one battles, and in team battles. The shooter is fast and fast-moving, and it’s almost impossible to kill (except for the rack with the rifle).


Knight is one of the most effective and universal classes. Depending on the weapon used, its skills and purpose change. With the blades, he is uber-DD, but with reduced aggression. With a two-handed substitute Tank, has high levels of aggression and defense.

Excellent shows himself as a melee and ranged. Any guild gladly accepts the Knight into his ranks, because he almost always deals AoE-damage. But solo-pumping is going on hurray. Of all the types of battles, almost always comes out victorious.

Sure, our guide to the characters will help you make a choice. But it is not enough just to decide on the character, it must be pumped. And here you can not do without money. Collecting resources and farming do not give results as quickly as we would like. Exit – the acquisition of gold Revelation from a verified seller GreedyDwarf.com!

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