Weapons in Albion Online

Weapons in Albion Online

Albion Online is a multiplayer MMO-online game, which every day acquires more and more popularity among players from all over the world. The game is made in medieval style. Has its own economy, which is completely formed by the players. Users independently create all equipment and weapons, can combine elements of weapons and armor, regardless of what class the character belongs to.

Naturally, the players are interested in how they correctly use their stats and choose the right builds. After all, the goal of Albion Online is to win battles, effectively destroy enemies while keeping your character invulnerable.


If we talk about armor in Albion Online, then there are several types:


For all players, the start is the same. The new character does not possess any wealth, has no money, resources and skills. At the start of the game, he is on the islet and must undergo initial training. You will learn to saw the trees, cut the stones with an ax, tear off the skin from rabbits and much more.

The first after the start level – a novice adventurer. At this stage, you will be able to decide on your own in which direction to develop, what to build and how to increase your wealth.

You can engage in farming, farming, passing dandies, etc. However, in any case, your goal is to increase wealth. Money plays an important role here – they determine how quickly your character will develop and what qualitative skills will be obtained.

Gamers who have a lot of experience in the IMO, note that at the start, in order to quickly disperse the hero, you will need money. It seems that it is very easy and cheap to get stones, trees, skins and other resources to create weapons and armor. But it turns out that at the initial stage you can count only on trees, whereas valuable resources will require certain tools: picks, axes and other devices that can only be bought for money.

Therefore, the best solution here is a significant investment of silver from Albion Online in tools at the initial stage. Then in the future you will not be difficult to create the necessary weapons and armor, and as a result, it is more effective to defeat opponents and multiply their wealth. So, the game will be more interesting and exciting for you!

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