Ice-picking guide at Eve Online

In EVE Online, there are enough ways to farm the game currency, using for this various interactivity. One of the most attractive options for fans of PVE content is a drop of ice, which allows you to extract useful resources and avoid confrontation with other pilots. Of course, no one is immune from the risks […]

The best classes in Lineage 2

Lineage 2 is not just popular after decades. In this MMORPG, the class system is so well developed that even experienced players are interested in starting the game anew, trying out for themselves unusual heroes that differ in the large amount of damage being inflicted or the ability to buff the party. And now we’ll […]

Where is it better to farm in Warframe?

In Warframe you can get a relatively acceptable amount of game credits, platinum and relics in a variety of ways. Some of them are available to single players, while others are only open to members of large communities who gather at a certain time to go after a major reward. Farm loans This task is […]

What to do for a beginner in Eve Online?

EVE Online is a fairly global game in which every newcomer, after passing the training, faces the question of what to do next. With the solution of this problem you can help in the Russian chat, but if you do not particularly strive to present yourself as an inexperienced noob, then a more rational step […]

Who better to rock in Perfect World

To all those who are just discovering the world Perfect World , one has to wonder which of the character classes better manifests itself in the game. We must say right away that it’s quite possible to say that some of them are worse and the other is better – it’s quite possible to determine […]

Hyde for the beginner for the game Albion

Albion online is constantly changing and transforming, so it’s difficult to keep track of everything. Like most multiplayer games, its players communicate with each other, using certain expressions. To the novice it was easier to understand them, here is the most common interpretation: Golda is gold, which is purchased for real money. Silver – coins, […]

How to choose a class in The Elder Scroll Online – Tips and Chips in Choosing Classes and Roles

One of the features of classes in The Elder Scroll Online is that they do not restrict players to certain behaviors, abilities and type of equipment. Thanks to this, you can create a unique character, regardless of what kind it belongs to. Even the most demanding and picky user will be able to find an […]

How to make money on the plex on the Alpha clone in Eve Online?

Not so long ago, developers of the space “sandbox” EVE Online – the company CCP Games – introduced its project to play for free for an unlimited period of time. Anyone who does not want to buy for real money Plex, can create an Alpha clone and enjoy the gameplay, as much as necessary. True, […]

Passage of the second profession of a spoiler

The spoiler profession, which is exclusively enjoyed by gnomes in the popular MMORPG Lineage 2, is always in demand and profitable. Most players of the official server and unofficial resources have their own “getters”, but some participants decide to choose a spoiler for themselves as the main character. Receiving the profession of the Hunter for […]

Passage of the first profession of a spoiler

As you know, Lineage 2 is not a game about quests. The main process of pumping characters is to kill packs of monsters on each level, but absolutely without performing tasks NPCs can not do. On the official server and on a variety of free resources, the transition from one profession to another in the […]

Top 5 Free Lineage 2 Servers

Lineage 2 is MMORPG, which came out a long time ago, but it is still very popular among modern gamers. However, not every player prefers to enjoy the process on official servers, so enterprising professionals in the field of programming create free resources, where everyone can enjoy their favorite project without paying a penny. But […]

Rpg-club: стабильный ресурс, проверенный временем

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Гайд по спойлеру в Lineage 2

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Топ 10 лучших ММОРПГ

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Фарм карт в Path Of Exile

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Открытие нового сервера Lineage 2 Classic

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