Tree of Savior — выбор класса

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Гайд по прохождение босса Джулии в Blade and Soul

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О сферах возвышения в Path of Exile

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Path of Exile: Руководство по торговле и крафту

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Features of classes in the game Revelation Online

In all MMO games, and Revelation is no exception, before starting the game, you need to determine the class of the character, and then you can not do without a guide. This choice can be decisive, because each of them has certain skills and capabilities, easy management, requires its resources for pumping, etc. Our class […]

Revelation — how to start playing for newbie

Online game Revelation is popular all over the world and today is one of the most sought-after MMORPGs. In our guide we will tell you how to start a game for a newcomer, so that the process is pleasant and effective. First of all, the player should check whether his equipment meets the MMORPG system […]

SWTOR – factions of the Republic and the Empire

In the game SWTOR all the characters are divided into two factions – the Republic and the Empire. In each of them there are four classes, which, in turn, can have two specializations. These branches are so much different that you can safely say that there are eight classes per game in the game. We […]

SWTOR — специализация классов

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Weapons in Albion Online

Albion Online is a multiplayer MMO-online game, which every day acquires more and more popularity among players from all over the world. The game is made in medieval style. Has its own economy, which is completely formed by the players. Users independently create all equipment and weapons, can combine elements of weapons and armor, regardless […]

A Guide to VX at Eve Online

Many newbies, who are just starting their way in the most famous space “sandbox”, are wondering about what wormhole EVE Online. And the answer is very simple – it is a unique phenomenon that connects several separate systems. At the same time, none of the players knows what is waiting for him on the other […]

Neverwinter: классы, особенности

Neverwinter Online – a young MMORPG, events in which occur in one of the settings of the universe Dungeons & Dragons. Characters here are divided into classes, familiarize themselves with the features of which will be useful to any player. In the online version, a player can become: The Outgoing Cleric; Warrior-guard A fearless warrior […]

Neverwinter: гайд по игре

Fans of MMORPG are offered a wide range of different games, featuring a plot, complexity, quality graphics. Neverwinter Online – is an excellent MMO, built on the legendary universe of Dungeons & Dragons, which has been popular since its inception in the 70s of last century. NWO – worthy continuer of a series of games […]

Blade and Soul: прокачка после 50-го уровня

After reaching level 50 in front of the player Blade and Soul , the issue of gaining experience for conquering the legendary level becomes acute. Getting the necessary points is possible in several ways, which are better to use in the complex. The speed of gaining experience is directly related to the amount of time […]

Гайд по улучшению оружия в B&S (морф)

Most MMORPGs have their own systems for improving items: weapons and jewelry. In Blade and Soul , players can also use the morph to improve the game’s performance. Types of morph in B & S The process of improving the game can be divided into: Sharpening; Evolution. During sharpening, you improve the stats of your […]

TESO: Гайд по прохождению инстанса Темницы изгнанников (The Banished Cells)

Having reached level 12, players The Elder Scrolls Online can go to the dungeon “Exile of Exiles” for experience and parts improved equipment. To begin the passage, you need to build a team of four people and prepare for the battle with five bosses of the instance. Bosses The Ghost of the Dungeon (Cell Haunter) […]

Гайд по ассасину в Revelation Online

As in any other MMORPG, Revelation Online presents a large number of character classes that differ not only in their abilities, but in their behavior. Among them there are both “tanks” and “killers”, causing enormous damage in a short period of time. The latter were called Assassins and were introduced into the game relatively recently. […]

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