A Guide to VX at Eve Online

A Guide to VX at Eve Online

Many newbies, who are just starting their way in the most famous space “sandbox”, are wondering about what wormhole EVE Online. And the answer is very simple – it is a unique phenomenon that connects several separate systems. At the same time, none of the players knows what is waiting for him on the other side of the black hole. You can find out how unexplored before the planet, and your death in the face of unfriendly NPCs.

Where can I find WH in Eve? Yes, everywhere, they are scattered all over the galaxy, but it’s just not easy to stumble upon them. We will have to use special devices (“probes” or Scanning probes) that detect strange signatures in the vast outer space. Some VX are “black horses”, that is, there is no information about them. But other signatures can be scanned, flying up to them at the necessary distance for this.

Classification of black holes

So, suppose you decided to build your scheme of pharmacy claims through pharma black holes. Then it will be useful for you to find out which classes the given cosmic signatures are divided into. In total there are 9 categories in the game. Holes from 1 to 6 levels will take you to an unknown space (w-space), BH from 7 to 9 class will send you to the investigated system of “zeros” or imperial sectors (k-space).

Getting a bit of information after scanning black holes, you can also superficially compose a representation of what is waiting for you:

Next comes phrases like “This black hole leads to zeros, lowseki or hayseki,and here even the beginner will figure out the expected result of the trip.

In principle, nothing is impossible at first glance. However, it may happen that immediately after your visit, the mass of VC rises to the critical level and the black hole closes. Then you have to look for another way out of the system, in which you may not be happy. Everyone who plans to engage in such activities, after leaving the wormhole, is recommended to make a “beech” (a bookmark of the place), where it will be possible to move in case of danger. If you broke into a black hole without special preparation, then the most effective way to return home is to self-destruct. Of course, you will have to sacrifice your own ship, but there are no other options. In order not to reach such an extreme, before moving to VX, you should make sure that you:

If you fulfill these conditions, you can safely go to the research wormholes, because there is often a very good reward for risk.

Travel Bonus Through VX

In addition to the purely research aspiration to find out what lies beyond the black hole, there is a real opportunity to earn a certain share of the in-game currency. Farm lawsuit by moving through vormholy, usually built on the destruction of NPCs and mining useful minerals (gravity anomalies). Asteroid belts in VX, as such, are absent, so that you can dig resources only in “gravel”. And here there are certain advantages in comparison with similar activities and other places:

The most ideal option for a gas booster, extracting resources in unexplored space, will be the establishment of a transfer between the home system and the empire. So you can quickly realize the extracted resources without risks stumble upon the enemy, who will quietly wait for you in ambush. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that it is very difficult to create such conditions, since the lifetime of the wormholes is limited. You will need to spend many hours improving your own scanning skills and constantly searching for suitable VX.

The main unit of the extracted resource in the unexplored space is gas. Beginners who decide to devote themselves to this peaceful event, for a day can fund resources by about 60-160 million lawsuit, so quite worthy. Below is a list of gases sorted by profitability:

In order to steadily and rationally spend time on gas production, you need to pump up the character’s abilities up to T2 gas harvesters. The most profitable “gravels” are guarded by NPC combat ships, so the skills for attack will be useful for cleaning up the place of future work.

In addition to a simple digger, you can detect radar or magnetic anomalies. Their signature is very weak, so it’s very difficult to find such “gold veins”. But they are the most profitable places for a pharmacist – for one passage of such an anomaly you will receive an income equivalent to 10 simple anomalies. As a reward for destroying slippers (enemies guarding containers in such places) you can get data banks, elements of ancient technologies, BOC and various other items.


Vormhods in EVE Online are still a very tasty morsel to which a risk-loving player can count. If you have a certain safety capital and want to conquer uncharted spaces in your favorite game, then on the other side of the black hole you can wait for the long-awaited discovery. You just have to be patient with patience, trials and boldness, and then no sappers can prevent you from getting rare items and getting rich, becoming famous and recognizable among the huge community of EVE Online fans!

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