Ice-picking guide at Eve Online

Ice-picking guide at Eve Online

In EVE Online, there are enough ways to farm the game currency, using for this various interactivity. One of the most attractive options for fans of PVE content is a drop of ice, which allows you to extract useful resources and avoid confrontation with other pilots. Of course, no one is immune from the risks of being robbed, but, unlike fractional wars and piracy in “zeros”, this event is much safer.

It should start with the fact that the extraction of ice by technology is much easier than ore mining, which is especially attractive for beginners and owners of Alpha clones. You do not need to have any specific skills and knowledge, it will be enough to repeat all the actions that we will describe in the material presented.

Features of ice mining

There are 8 different types of ice blocks that you can meet in the vast expanse of the Galaxy. Among them are:

  • Blue Ice;
  • Clear Icicle;
  • Glacial Mass;
  • White Glaze;
  • Dark Glitter;
  • Gelidus;
  • Glare Crust;
  • Krystallos.
  • After recycling, each category of ice issues consumables that we use in the craft and for sale on the market. For each race, a certain type of resource will be useful, so we have to hunt not just for everything, but for a certain kind of material.

    On thematic information resources devoted to various game aspects of EVE Online, you can find a detailed map of the ice, which will indicate where and in what, presumably, the amount of accumulation of resources. Choose the most appropriate option and sensibly assess the risks – in sectors with a low degree of security, you can be immediately attacked by hostile NPCs or other players.

    Fit for farm ice


    In general, you can deal with an ice mop on almost any barge available to you, making a difference solely in personal preferences for any aspect of the ships (for example, the installation of additional security modules). As for the modules suitable for mining, here you will need to have the following equipment:

  • Ice Harvester;
  • Ice Harvester Upgrade (ideally, you need 2 or more such modules)
  • Medium Ice Harvester Accelerator
  • All your actions, including when choosing equipment, should be aimed at reducing the indicator called “Sequence of the cycle.” The lower this value, the more you can get ice in a certain period of time. To use the equipment, you need to study the parameter Ice Harvesting, which for each level reduces the production cycle time by 5%. Accordingly, this ability is recommended to study for a maximum.

    How to mine

    After selecting the appropriate ship and modules for it, we need to go to the system, where, presumably, there is an ice belt with the resources we need. We can organize the extraction of ice in the Empire or go to another sector – everything depends on your courage and personal preferences.

    The main feature of the ice belts is their colossal size. Huge blocks will allow in one single belt to place the whole company of pilots wishing to obtain this resource. And you do not have to compete with other players, since a large amount of ice ensures that all miners will get as much material here as they can hold the holds of their ships.

    After finding the lumps that attracted us, you should activate the modules on your ship. The vessel will release several small vehicles that will automatically start working. You will only have to relax and have fun watching the hold filled with useful minerals.

    Pros and Cons

    Summing up the above, we can identify several positive and negative aspects of this lesson. Among the advantages:

    · Simple enough way of making money available to beginners and not requiring serious financial investments; · Possibility to extract practically any quantity of ice, regardless of competition among other players; · It does not take much attention to transport the material or switch modules, as in mining other minerals.

    The following can be noted:

    · A huge time – we spend a lot of real hours on production, which could be spent on killing NPCs with the same or much higher profit; · Ice is not as demanded in the market as the same ore, which affects its value (it is not always possible to sell large quantities at the same time); · There is a chance to break into suicide gang.

    If you are not afraid of negative aspects, then the farm of ice blocks will be an excellent option for you to receive passive income. Especially this method is suitable for those players who can not give EVE Online a large amount of time.

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