Гайд по ассасину в Revelation Online

Гайд по ассасину в Revelation Online

As in any other MMORPG, Revelation Online presents a large number of character classes that differ not only in their abilities, but in their behavior. Among them there are both “tanks” and “killers”, causing enormous damage in a short period of time. The latter were called Assassins and were introduced into the game relatively recently. But the players have already managed to appreciate all the advantages of this class, which feels great, both in PSU and in PVP.

More often than not, assassins are mysterious assassins who specialize in the rapid elimination of one goal. In this game, the “sins” have daggers in their hands, which can also cause AOE damage, are soaked with poisons so that the enemy’s wounds do not heal for a long time. That’s just the lack of skill “control” (those that are, are restored a very long time) do not allow them to become such “imbs” – all-destructive “folders” that no one can cope with. In this guide for Assasin`a we will deal with all the nuances concerning this class.

The main “percussion” abilities

If you disassemble all the skills of “Sina”, then it will take a lot of time. Let’s dwell only on the key abilities with which you can “solve problems” with monsters in Revelation Online and other rivals who consider you a frivolous opponent.

“Invisibility” and “Veil of Darkness” are, perhaps, the most important skills that make you a truly formidable opponent. In the first case, you become invisible to everyone, but for this you will have to completely exit the battle (any damage inflicted, except poisons, will lead you out of the state of invisibility). And the second skill can be used in battle, becoming invulnerable for 2 seconds, taking off all control skills. True, “Veil” is recovering for a very long time, so most players prefer to use “Invisibility” because of the low “cooldown”.

“Bloody spike”, “Cut” (autoattack), “Ghost step” and “Dead grip” are the main skills that are used to destroy a single target. Some of these should be used in conjunction with other skills, making effective combos with longer stunning targets or slowing the movement of the enemy.

“Rapid reflexes” and “Shield of blades” refer to defensive skills. The first removes all control effects and makes your hero invulnerable for a few seconds, increases the speed of attack and movement. “Shield” surrounds “Sina,” absorbs a certain amount of damage, increases the chance of dodging, and deals a certain amount of damage to nearby enemies.

“Chain Chain” and “Chain Dance” are skills with AoE damage, but their small number and “subtlety” of the character (low armor and a small amount of HP) do not allow the “sin” to constantly crack down on whole crowds of enemies. And, what’s wrong with it, you can not stand many strokes, because the assassin is definitely not created for tanking.

By the way, we should not forget about such skills as “Salamand’s poison” and “Poison Blade”, which are used at the beginning of each attack. They add a percentage of damage to beats and some percentage of what your victim may be stunned or immobilized.

As for the ultimate abilities, most of them deal damage to enemies near you at a distance of 5 to 25 meters. Use them only in the most difficult situations, when you are surrounded or you have a lot of controlling effects.

Behavior in battle and comparison of merits and demerits

In general, the management of “Sin” is identical to the Knight, but with the only difference – the killer can go into invisibility. According to the characteristics of “syn” weaker Knight, but has a higher DPS and the ability to escape from a stronger opponent.

If we talk about the pros, then this class has the following advantages:

  • Mobility and high attack speed
  • The ability to do a lot of damage in a short period of time (both for the area and a separate goal)
  • Has a nice animation of the blows (though this is purely a subjective moment).

    Among the shortcomings we have the following:

  • Absence of serious control skills – victims can very often run away from you if you do not slow down their movement speed or the immobilization effect in time
  • The inability to withstand a large amount of incoming damage – if you have seen several heroes in the field, you can hardly leave the battlefield alive
  • Dependence on builds – you should think carefully about what characteristics you want to develop and get the necessary outfit for that.

    Summing up, we can say that the Assassin in Revelation Online is a very useful class, both for the group and for singles. You will not experience serious problems on the battlefield if you learn to apply the right skills in time and avoid fighting when it is unprofitable. Of course, you will have to work hard and play the game currency to buy excellent weapons and clothing (or buy gold on stock exchanges if you do not want to engage in grinding). If you choose it as your “maine”, then you will be a welcome member in any party, aimed at the rapid destruction of a large number of opponents. The huge damage makes the “Sina” a formidable opponent, but the lack of ability to withstand the attacks of other players and monsters will not allow you to become a universal killer, carrying everyone to the district at the touch of a button.

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